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Starting a blog can be a tricky affair.  Even if the writer is able to come up with something the first time, he or she can never be certain that a repeat of this success is imminent.  The fact that I have a big mouth does not necessarily translate into having much to say in writing.  Not wishing to concern myself with such matters any longer, I will instead say that I have an aversion to turning my first entry into an advertisement for my own film.  Nevertheless, I will take the plunge (or at least dip my big toe into the pond) and focus on the documentary WINDOW ON A WORLD.


Film still for WINDOW ON A WORLD

The short film, a chamber piece actually, features the musings of three men as they address a variety of social and political topics.  From Barack Obama to abortion, along with issues related to racism and gender roles, the men (all caucasian) offer sometimes astute, often amazingly candid insights.  A female viewer of the film remarked that she wanted to slap one of the men.  An unduly harsh response, I thought, but it made me realize I was right to close with the thoughts of a liberated African American woman.  Before we get to that point however, I suggest in the film that the heyday of white male hegemony may be coming to an end.  This opinion is not shared by at least two of the men interviewed. 

The film is highlighted by clips of famous personalities and events, but it is unfortunate the sound in the opening moments proved such a pain.  As it happens the audio for the first minutes of one man’s interview is less than impressive.  Oh, well…these things happen in low budget filmmaking, but Pittsburgh actor Rik Billock, the man in question, is more than up to the challenge and remains intriguing throughout.  The same can be said of the other principals.  Check out the WINDOW ON A WORLD page at and perhaps order a DVD copy. 

While you are there examine indieflix for a wide variety of independent films.  I particularly approve of WHAT BLACK MEN THINK and THE CORPORAL’S BOOTS.  The former is a kinetic documentary-the exact opposite of the approach taken in the more laid-back WOAW.  The latter is a moving, well structured short film focusing on a traveling exhibit of the boots of soldiers killed in the Iraq war.



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  1. Check out the reviews of “Diary of a Bad Lad” (also on indieflix) too:

    and also

    Comment by Jonathan Williams | October 6, 2009 | Reply

    • Hi, Jonathan! Checked out review on Sonic. It sounds quite imaginative! I may go to indieflix and get a DVD copy!

      Comment by mdino | October 6, 2009 | Reply

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